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"Show Up" Naturally

Oct 26, 2018 0 comments
"Show Up" Naturally

Must we as women constantly self-judge ourselves because we feel we have to “show up” every single day?

The issues regarding this expectation are varied yet the foundational question is, “Is women's biology consistent and in keeping with this superwoman theory or is it the product of advertising, social pressure and self-doubt?”

Women are cyclical beings, shifting their core to correspond with outward pulls of the moon and the seasons, while the inner biology is tuned into menstruation and hormones. From a monthly influence to age related life changes, women are under a constant pull from factors outside their control. Add in personality and temperament, desires and responsibilities, and it is clear that the complexity of the female should be no surprise to anyone.

Constant attention to being that “Superwoman” is a recipe for disaster. The relentless drag of attaining that artificial public persona leads to feelings of self-doubt, failure and guilt because we don't measure up to an arbitrary standard in which, we as women, had virtually no input, neither at the origin or now. All it takes is one viral meme and we all struggle to fit the newest mold artificially created of the new Superwoman.

So rather than following the accepted norm, I urge each of you to honor both your successes and your obstacles. Give up on a public culture trying to disempower you and stuff you in a box that will never fit. Rather know yourself, your cyclic being and realize that inconsistency is freedom. It's your freedom, released to follow a unique path of your own, a path of self-discovery and fulfillment

Embrace yourself.

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