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Ana Hernandez

About Ana Hernandez

Personal journeys often spark the need to discover a place in the universe. It is the special ones who learn that outward direction brings the greatest inner peace.  Ana Hernandez is one of those extraordinary individuals. From those first steps of her journey until now, her personal progress allows her to share her gifts in guiding others in learning and growing in themselves.

Today, she is a certified yoga teacher with 500 HR RYT, and she holds credentialing from some of the most prestigious academies in the country. She is also one of the most popular teachers at Yogaworks in Brentwood and the South Bay areas of Los Angeles and is constantly honing her craft.  She is also an accomplished Level II Reiki practitioner,  an Urban Zen Level I instructor, a certified crystal healer and is familiar to many as a motivational speaker and model. Her heros are strong women such as her mother and a tight, circle of friends.

Visit her website at or @ana.hernandez.oneness on Instagram. She is also a spokesperson and model for Stick-Amis @stickamis, an innovative selfie sticker that allows hand-free photos. 

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