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Jaume Black

About Jaume Black

Jaume, a Reiki Master, currently teaches all levels of Reiki practitioners from beginners to the most advanced students. He is also a translator, editor, and is currently working on his first book. He designs and places the healing energy in all of the current and future Reiki products on Dianadu Designs, using a 4-day process to infuse and seal each garment and product. There has been nothing but praise and positive feedback from every person who has had a session with Jaume or worn one of his garments. He is available for consultation, remote and in-touch sessions, on Dianadu Designs. Each first consultation contains a full Reiki session. This collection also contains the items Jaume recommends for his clients.
$135.00 $100.00

Reiki Session Packets

$25.00 $17.95

Chakra Chime Candle Set

$35.00 $24.95

Chakra Pillar Candles

$45.95 $29.95

Chakra Elevation Pendant

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